Guren Jiang Pei-yu , Gold has a price but jade is priceless . Jade buried underground thousands of New Year is a thousand years , jade contains large amounts of mineral elements, it is often said that people raise Yu Yu dependents , if the human body can nourish a good long-term wear jade , jade head refraction index will be more better , more light. If the human body is not good long-term wear jade , jade mineral elements will be slowly absorbed by the body , so as to achieve health benefits , such as Ms. jade bracelet usually with his left hand , as good for the heart .

Since ancient times " Jade Country," ancient jade treasure, as Jane decorated with wear China 's reputation. Ancient medical books called " Jade is a beautiful stone , sweet nature, non-toxic ," adding that jade is the most abundant human keeper strength substances. Think suck with jade , and its synergy with the saliva , " thirst, in addition to stomach heat.

Flat tired of melancholy , AIDS lung, larynx Run voice, keep the hair . " It is not just jade jewelry, ornaments, decorative purposes , but also for health fitness .

Jade 's health mechanism has been confirmed by modern science. According to chemical analysis, jade contains many trace elements beneficial to humans , such as zinc , magnesium, iron, copper , selenium , chromium, manganese , cobalt, wearing jade can trace elements are absorbed elements of human skin , activate cells and tissues , improve immune function. Therefore , Chinese people say , "Some drugs can not cure the disease, but often wear jade cure disease " , the truth lies in this . If benign long-term wear jade bracelet massage , passive addition to blurred vision , not only the disease , but also build strength, raise the spirit .

Jade long worn on the body , jade and human contact friction , trace elements will enter the human body , balancing the body's levels of trace elements. The case of hair zinc can activate insulin to regulate energy metabolism, maintain the body's immune function, promote children's mental development, anti-cancer , anti- distortion , anti-aging effect. Manganese can cause the body against free radical damage , involved in protein synthesis vitamins , promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism , aging and prevent Alzheimer's disease, osteoporosis, atherosclerosis and so on.
Scientific Instruments Test: Jade also has a special " photoelectric effect " , applying pressure to complete the process of cutting and grinding this effect will focus accumulator , forming a " solenoid pilot broadcast" , and issued a body can absorb far infrared waves , water molecules in the body and thus induce cells to produce a strong resonance , so that from a light massage effect microcirculation system , so that the body , improve blood circulation and metabolism , activation of cells and tissues , regulating the meridians precise operation , enhance rapid response , improve the body's immune function.

Product Details
- Shape / Type : Pendant / Charm
- Material / Gemstone : Green Emerald
- Shipping / Handling Standard international shipping ( 10-18 days for delivery )
- Level / Type : 100% A -level class A / A genotype /
- Origin: China
- Refractive index: 1.66 - 1.69
- Specific gravity: 3.33 - 3.34
- Colors and varieties: green, cold varieties
- Reference Dimensions : 49 45 11mm
- Weight (g / CT): ~ 46 g / 230 kt
- Grassy Gloss: Gloss
- Condition: Excellent
- Accessories: adjustable rope necklace
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