To enhance the feeling of cool, clean thoughts , quiet the mind and induce a meditative state . It has also been led to believe that this growth is often more beautiful shiny jade . According to a Chinese proverb , "Jade is cool because it comes from a clear mountain stream nature ." Science " says Jade is a cool feeling, because it is a non-conductor .
Many Chinese people believe that jade stone , eventually become part of life, its owner. Yu said that change color depending on its own aura. Or depressed when he or she may be a darker shade of jade . If we 're lucky, the stone may be a lighter shade .
Product Details
- Shape / Type : Pendant / Charm Buddha
- Material / gems :/ Chalcedony
- Shipping / Handling : International shipping standards ( 10-18 Days Delivery )
- Level / Model : 100 A / A / A grade
- Country of Origin: China
- Size: 42 * width38 mm
- Color: Red , Icy selection
- Weight ( g / CT): ~ 2.6 g / 13 kt
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