Product Features :
Roses is a rare blessing , so Ruyi are very popular in ancient treasure . Placed in a large orange ( Kyrgyzstan ) on the auspicious Ruyi plus a ram , a combination of the three Auspicious scene , a symbol of the best, full house auspiciousness .
Tiger people unlucky palace life mixed this year , but no lucky resolve, fortune rugged , beware of complete failure ! Lousy , wealth in the doldrums, but also easily lead to mass annihilation . Can be placed to resolve luck !
Mascot is a natural stone , as if the natural stone is a natural thing , worthy of attention ! However, if it is placed in a post- conflict period of time has ruptured , which means that once it is physically prevented the disaster , the effect of the original has been lost , the replacement must be replaced as soon as possible .
Obsidian - evil town house
Obsidian is a natural volcanic glass formed by rapid cooling of lava , a non- pure crystal crystal stones. Some represent the natural rainbow obsidian eye effect, turning visible , double-sided rainbow eyes higher value .
Obsidian strong energy staunch exclude the strongest negative energy , extreme evil , can eliminate disease gas , sewage , Mei Qi , bringing health, happiness , there is the " Black Edition Samurai " reputation.
Chinese ancient Buddhist relics , there are quite a town house or holy or evil obsidian statues , the best gem is now the practice of the Buddha . Obsidian wear better after the opening .
Because pure energy Obsidian 's sexual energy is absorbed , is generally recommended to wear hand better, all the crystals are almost always wears his left hand , but only obsidian, can be worn right hand. Because according to the principles of the ancient Chinese method of gas left right out of the left hand while the right hand is intake exhaust , right wearing Obsidian helps itself to absorb the negative energy out , including comparative unclean thing or symptoms of illness even more bad luck can be. But Obsidian worn left or right hand are possible , depending on what kind of energy you want to attribute prevail.
When Obsidian Bracelet for evil or wear left for some time, in addition to the general purification , it must also be inhaled Obsidian Bracelet bad smell inside the evil diseases such as gas purification . Its methods are: Obsidian Bracelet purified on the left hand , right hand pointing Shouzhu prove safety , ( on the right hand or Bracelet , pointing to his left fist knot Diamond Bracelet ) read verse curse : washing Sarah, when May all beings , both inside and outside Paradise , Xiling smooth . Om ( mouth * Blue ) Saha blame 21 times. Om house he noted diffuse Doral Batuo yeah Saha blame three times.
Product Details
- Shape / Type : Pendant / Charm zodiac sheep mascot
- Raw Materials / Natural obsidian
- Standard international shipping ( 10-18 days ) delivery
- Level / Type : 100 A / A type / A level
- Origin: China
- Refractive index: 1.66 - 1.67
- Size: about 41 * 30 * 6 mm
- Specific gravity: 3.33 - 3.34
- Varieties and colors : black, cold varieties
- Weight (g / ct ) : 13.88 g / 14 kt
- Luster: vitreous luster
- Surface texture: medium grain
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