This lovely little  Jack in the Box  mini-teapot is part of a set of 8 little Teapots which were enclosed as premiums in Canadian Red Rose Tea. The name of the set is Toy Chest.

Most of these little mini-teapots measure approx. 1-3/4" high.

This little Jack in the Box is in good condition .

Please see my other 2 listings for a  Jack in the Box  still in original package and a Jack in the Box   with minor imperfections.

We have been fortunate in acquiring a large collection of these little mini-teapots which we will be listing  as soon as we have them photographed.

If there are specific teapots that you need please feel free to email me and I will check to see if we have them.

The  shipping cost  to the United States is $9.95 AIRMAIL.   I can ship up to 8 of these little mini-teapots in one parcel for $9.95  

If you purchase a larger quantity of  these Red Rose Tea mini-teapots   they can be added to this  same parcel for a small extra  shipping charge per item.

 For all other shipping areas ( Canada or international) please contact me for shipping costs to your area.  Shipping charges in Canada vary widely depending on your area.  Before you purchase the item  please send  me  your postal code to get  an accurate shipping  rate  to your area.  

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If you buy several items I can ship them all in one package to help you with shipping costs.

Please contact me and let me know your preferred payment method.

Altogether there are 4 sets of these little TEAPOTS which were included as premiums in Canadian Red Rose Tea from 1996 to 1999.

We specialize in selling TEA PREMIUM items and have many items available from several brands of tea. We even have a few TEA BOXES which are great to display with your collections. On request we will be happy to list items for any numbers from any sets if we have them in stock.

We have  all 32  of these miniature TEAPOTS ( there are 4 different sets of these TEAPOTS which are Canadian Red Rose Tea Premiums ).   I will be happy to give you a price quote on the entire set of 32 mini-teapots.

E-mail always welcome.

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