Here is Big Bird's BFF, Snuffleupagus!  Manufactured by Fisher Price for only one year (1977), "Snuffy" is an EXTREMELY RARE Sesame St. cast member and difficult to find in this condition (NEAR MINT).  Fisher Price included "Snuffy" as part of an "add-on" accessory set.  The latter was designed to complement Fisher Price's wildly popular #938 Sesame St. House play set. 

"Snuffy" is in FANTASTIC condition (NEAR MINT)!  His coat exhibits its original glossy lustre.  All of his facial features are distinct and fully intact.  This is one of the best "Snuffy's" I have ever seen. I literally cannot find any imperfections/flaws on this piece.

I will be shipping "Snuffy" via First Class mail.  My location is Lafayette, IN (47905).