Spirit Totems - Our spiritual path branches out like a tree. So many of our experiences lead us down many different trails taking us to the path we are suppose to walk. Working with animal spirit totems is a journey that is never ending. Every one of us is given many Spiritual Helpers throughout our lives to help us go through certain experiences. As we grow spiritually our Spirit Helpers change.

Raven -The Raven is considered in most Native American mythology as a trickster and a creating god. It is said that the Raven also helped the Norse god Oden to find out information on the world of both the living and the dead.


Merry Meet,

Northern Oaks Coven is a spiritually and self empowerment store. The philosophy is to be a helpful guide to enable future clients to feel better about being alive. The quality, price and service are the focus of Northern Oaks Coven ; the store will provide quality items at a reasonable price and make service a number one priority. Clients will be treated like family.

The products Northern Oaks Coven use have been tested throughout time?and perform perfectly.? Northern Oaks Coven’s focus is on adults and young adults interested or curious about their spirituality, self empowerment, or they are just looking for a unique gift. The products I have provided consist of spell crafted jewelry - rings, bracelets, and necklaces. We also have spell crafted ritual items - recharging boxes, herbal spell crafts, aroma therapy / essence spell crafts, candle spell crafting, and divination tools or give answers from the divination tools. My clients would use the tools, instructions and my help to bestow the ability to empower themselves.

Northern Oaks Coven also has jewelry that relate to the focus of mind, body and spirit - rings, bracelets, necklaces and anklets. Books from my suppliers - Llewellyn and One Spirit which focus on empowerment and the importance of the nature and spirituality are also available. Ritual is a great tool to encourage focus and meditation leading to self empowerment. I stock almost everything one would need for their altar - talismans, censures, incense, chalice, anthem, scrying mirrors, bells, tarot decks, candles and offering bowls.

Other items of interest include a copy of a tattooed human skull, tarot deck clothes, tote bags, alter cloth covers, Ouija boards, wind chimes, sun catchers, candle holders, candle snuffer, incense holders, small spiritual information posters, haunted dice, haunted dominoes, both light - hearted games and a fairy statue. As an example of almost everything else in my inventory.

Lastly, I would like to Thank all of my sister and brother witches and covens for supplying some of my merchandise. Blessed Be!!!!!!

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