An amulet is a lucky charm usually carried, but sometimes considered effective just to own. Since the earliest times, people have selected certain items to serve as amulets, including bones, teeth, coffin nails, petrified wood, whalebones, shells, rocks, stones, crystal, numerous gemstones, weathered clothespins, crab or lobster claws, rabbits' feet, hair, coins, medallions, various articles of clothing, and jewelry including cufflinks, pendants, brooches, rings, and so forth.

Usually, the object has been deemed a lucky charm by virtue of being from a special place, being connected with a particular event, or being the gift of a particular person. These are purely personal amulets. Anyone can choose what they want to serve as a personal amulet.

Some types of amulets have been adopted as more universal beliefs connected to wishing customs.

If you wish to have safe travel, you should wear a silver charm and rub it three times as the journey starts, while wishing for safe passage.

Any charm, jewelry, amulet, or other object that has given you good luck may be invested with special qualities. Frog charms are considered particularly fortuitous amulets for creativity or inspiration. Make a wish for either of these while stroking your frog charm; it is said that you must concentrate and believe.

This 'wish-on' probably has its origins in ancient Egypt, Greece, Turkey and Rome, where people looked on the frog as a symbol of creativity and inspiration.

If you have a turtle amulet, hold it tightly in your hand as you make a wish. Some say the wish may be for anything; others say it must be for good health or a long life.

The ancient Chinese believed that the turtle was a sign of longevity.


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