Set Vintage Hagen Renaker Early Miniature Rabbit Ears Apart   
Handcrafted Bunnies 
Ceramic  Figurines
White Bunny Rabbit 
Porcelain Animal 
Made in United States 
Maxine and John Renaker 
American Whimsies 
Hand Painted 

These wonderful little bunny rabbits were made by the Hagen Renaker Company, which has produced miniature porcelain animals in the U.S. Since it was founded in 1945 by Maxine and John Renaker. Today it is the only manufacturer of miniature stoneware animals left in the U.S. John was a friend of George Wade who made the Wade Whimsies and the U.S. Versions were nicknamed the American Whimsies. If you go to “” you will see these bunnies listed as “Hagen Renaker Early Miniature Rabbits Ears Apart”.

I believe the large one is the Rabbit Mama, ears apart – Model A-127, it is approximately 1 5/8 inches tall. It is white with detailed blue eyes pink inner ears and gray shading on the ears, nose, tail and feet. It was issued 1950-1952 only. The two smaller Rabbit Baby figurines are approximately 1 inch tall they are white with pink inner ears. These are Model A-128 and were also issued 1950-1952.

They are in excellent vintage condition as you can see by the enlarged pictures. They have been sitting on a shelf for years. There is some crazing of the glaze (fine little lines). For those of you not familiar with the term, crazing happens mostly with age and is a fine network of tiny cracks in the glaze on the pottery. It is not the pottery that is cracking, but the glaze that was put over the pottery. You can see it easily on the face of the big bunny where the arrow points. There is a little bit of black missing from the nose of one of the baby bunnies (see picture). It could easily be touched up.

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