These loose acrylic rhinestones, gemstones, and cabochons are perfect for almost any craft project you can imagine. The flat back, along with 8 facets around, and then a flat table top makes them incredibly easy and simple to glue, stick, or sew onto just about anything. The transparent colors (Not Clear Cabochons) have a silver backing to increase the overall shine of the stone.Allstarcos acrylic stones are just what the doctor ordered to add some glitz and glamour to your daily life. Whether you want to spice up that scrapbook, bling out your picture frames, or bedazzle those boring clothes sitting in your closet, Allstarcos Acrylic Rhinestones and Gemstones are just what you need. These are superior quality acrylic facetted rhinestones and gemstones, unlike the ones you'll find in most craft stores or hobby shops. These loose stones without settings are entirely lead free as well as CPSIA and RoHS compliant, making them ideal for costumes, Christmas ornaments, and basically anything that would involve children coming in contact with them. Gluing, sticking, and sewing rhinestones have never been so fun, simple, and most of all, SAFE for childrenFlat back Acrylic Cabochons: Perfect for jewelry making, crafts, garments, and all sorts of costumes. Flat back cabochons come in a large variety of shapes and sizes.Big color range available from our inventory, as well as by custom order. Retail, bulk, and wholesale. For every kind of projectFlat Back Acrylic Gems: Plastic craft gems in a huge range of shapes and size for every kind of project. Our professional grade is unlike what you'll find at your neighborhood craft shopStick-on Gems: Add a touch of sparkle to handmade cards, invitations, cell phones, laptops, iPods and scrapbooks. Our stick on jewels may also be applied to the skin

Quality flat back acrylic gemstones. Lead Free.

Sew or glue to projects.

Flatback gemstones with holes.

Consistent size, brilliance and shine.

Light weight. Economical.