Boast your skill and save money with this good quality, hard to find colorful faux leather!

Key Features   

1. Synthetic leather is sheeny, and pictures CAN NOT reflect exact colors. Also colors could be different on monitors as well. Please order ONLY when you fully understand this condition. Fabrics are cut from the bolt and NON refundable.
2. Adhesive back - easy to work with.
    Using environmentally friendly acrylic adhesive and strong sheet. 
adhesive back of auto upholstery fabric
<adhesive back of auto upholstery fabric>

    High quality single face synthetic leather.
    Great for interior use - car interior, furniture, chairs, cushions and much more.
    Material - PVC
    Made in Korea.
actual installation pictures of adhesive auto upholstery vinyl
<actual installation pictures of adhesive auto upholstery vinyl>
3. Size - 135 x 90cm (53” x 0.98yd)
    You can purchase more yards, but width is fixed as 135cm. If you purchase more yards, they’ll be continued.

4. Note!
    Synthetic leather tends to be hardened when it’s cold. Then heat it with a hair dryer at mild temperature. Do the same to smooth a wrinkle. 
    May not adhere well in high temperature. Avoid applying inside of car in hot summer. 
    When applying to curved area or covering over the existing fabric, use with spray adhesive(3M Super 77 or 99) to increase adhesion.
    Do not spray to the faux leather directly. Spray to the object you want to attach and wait about 4~5 minutes till it's dry, and attach the faux leather. 
    DO NOT use a heat gun.

5. For other colors, check out our store.  

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