BUCK ROGERS IN THE 25TH CENTURY Buck Rogers and his young friend Buddy Wade are involved in a dirigible accident in a remote place. Immediately afterwards they somehow get into suspended animation waiting for rescue. When they are finally dis-covered and revived, they learn that 500 years have passed. A tyrannical dictator named “Killer Kane” and his henchmen now run the world. Buck and Buddy must now save the world, and they do so with the help of Lieutenant Wilma Deering and Prince Tallen of Saturn. CAST Buster Crabbe ... Buck Rogers Constance Moore ... Wilma Deering Jackie Moran ... George 'Buddy' Wade Jack Mulhall ... Captain Rankin Anthony Warde ... Killer Kane C. Montague Shaw ... Professor Huer Guy Usher ... Aldar William Gould ... Air Marshal Kragg Philson Ahn ... Prince Tallen Henry Brandon ... Captain Laska Wheeler Oakman ... Lieutenant Patten Kenne Duncan ... Lieutenant Lacy Carleton Young ... Scott Reed Howes ... Captain Roberts Chapter Titles: 1. Tomorrow's World 2. Tragedy on Saturn 3. The Enemy's Stronghold 4. The Sky Patrol 5. The Phantom Plane 6. The Unknown Command 7. Primitive Urge 8. Revolt of the Zuggs 9. Bodies Without Minds 10. Broken Barriers 11. A Prince in Bondage 12. War of the Planets Overseas items (eg to USA) are sent by ROYAL MAIL AIRMAIL. ROYAL MAIL do not do tracking for airmail items unless you pay considerably more for insurance for the privilege – as anything posted overseas (eg, to the USA) is not under their control. This is usually prohibitively expensive, but if you would like your item insured please contact me first. Items are usually sent the day after you pay, or perhaps the same day depending on the time difference, and delivery normally takes about two weeks (10 days usually, but sometimes longer). During busy periods (Christmas especially) it can take around three weeks. This applies to postage to USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, and to a limited extent, also to Europe. PLEASE NOTE I AM A UK SELLER POSTAGE TAKES LONGER (a couple of weeks, not a couple of days).