DON WINSLOW OF THE COASTGUARD 1943 PLOT The 13-chapter Don Winslow of the Coast Guard was the second of two Universal serials based on the comic strip Don Winslow of the Navy. Don Terry returns as Don Winslow, who has been promoted to Commander in this serial. Also returning is mystery villain The Scorpion, once more working in cahoots with the Japanese. Winslow's mission is to prevent the Scorpion from severing vital supply lines to America's armed forces. The "gimmick" prop this time out is an underwater aircraft carrier! CHAPTERS 1. Trapped in the Blazing Seas 2. Battling a U-Boat 3. The Crash in the Clouds 4. The Scorpion Strikes 5. A Flaming Target 6. Ramming the Submarine 7. Bombed in the Ocean Depths 8. Blackout Treachery 9. The Torpedo Strikes 10. Blasted from the Skies 11. A Flight to the Death 12. The Death Trap 13. Capturing the Scorpion Cast: Don Terry ... Cmdr. Don Winslow Walter Sande ... Lt. 'Red' Pennington Elyse Knox ... Mercedes Colby Philip Ahn ... Hirota June Duprez ... Tasmia Edgar Dearing ... CPO Ben Cobb Lionel Royce ... Reichter, Chief thug Henry Victor ... Heilrich Charles Wagenheim ... Mussanti Nestor Paiva ... The Scorpion Running time approx 245 min (13 episodes) Overseas items (eg to USA) are sent by ROYAL MAIL AIRMAIL. ROYAL MAIL do not do tracking for airmail items unless you pay considerably more for insurance for the privilege – as anything posted overseas (eg, to the USA) is not under their control. This is usually prohibitively expensive, but if you would like your item insured please contact me first. Items are usually sent the day after you pay, or perhaps the same day depending on the time difference, and delivery normally takes about two weeks (10 days usually, but sometimes longer). During busy periods (Christmas especially) it can take around three weeks. This applies to postage to USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, and to a limited extent, also to Europe. PLEASE NOTE I AM A UK SELLER POSTAGE TAKES LONGER (a couple of weeks, not a couple of days).