Campbell Studio Flowers Art Print Signed Numbered Lithograph Cert Framed 8x11


Campbell Studio is proud to present, one of our own exclusive Signed and Numbered Art Prints entitled "Flowers". This Art Print comes framed and will have a Certificate of Authenticity attached (not shown) .


8.5 in x 11 in. (overall paper size.)


The original for this print was made in 1973 while the Artist Melanie t. Campbell, Owner of Campbell Studio, was at Kent State University as an art student. It was a sketchbook assignment that she procrastinated on until the night before it was due (the sketchbook was a semester long assignment and should have been filled by the end of that semester, to be turned in as part of her grade).

With thoughts of impending doom and anticipated scrutiny by her professor looming over her head, she got so angry at her own procrastination, that she grabbed a pencil, her sketchbook, looked around for something to draw and ferociously attacked the paper. In about five minutes, this "Flowers" art was born. Once she saw what she could do in anxious panic and anticipation of reprisal, she thought "if that's what comes out of me at moments like this, what else could I create?"

Her professor was stunned and spellbound when he saw the drawing. Then he commented that she should have been doing that kind of work all semester long. She couldn't agree with him more, and she was sad to have disappointed Mr. Grossman, who was her favorite Drawing Professor.

Now we are offering this framed print for all who are attracted to it. Several people currently have the framed version in their homes and are enjoying it in their Dens, Living Rooms, Libraries, etc. It seems all who have seen this have been captivated by it and warmly embraced it.

PLEASE NOTE: This print was printed at a printing company on a printing press, and is the thickness of a letter. It is NOT a xerox copy. Available frame choices will be emailed to the customer prior to shipping. Once selected, we will frame and ship.