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  • Metal: Lead and nickel free
  • Finish: Rhodium electroplated
  • Stone: Cubic zirconia
  • Dimensions of Ring: 30mm x 30mm



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Returns 30 days money back guarantee - Item needs to be in its original condition within 30 days of receipt and we will gladly provide a refund, replacement, or an exchange minus $3.00 shipping fee. We do not charge restocking fees.

If your order arrives and contains any incorrect, damaged or defective items, please notify us within a week so we can take care of your order right away.

How to take care for your jewelry?

-Keep your jewelry away from sunlight as the sun could fade the stones.
-To prolong the life of your jewelry, consider storing it in an airtight plastic bags
-When cleaning your jewelry, gently wipe your jewelry with a clean, soft, damp cloth, after cleaning, dry it with an absorbent cloth.
-Avoid hot water
-Do not expose to extreme heat
-Avoid ultrasonic cleaners
-Avoid soaking in water
-Do not wash dishes or cleaning house with your ring on
-Do not use liquid jewelry cleaning solution, it will bleach your rings

Why Clean Jewelry?

Soap scum, hair, dirty skin and grease all collect into crevasses beneath cubic zirconia and other stones

To look it's absolute best, jewelry should be cleaned regularly. CZ's and gemstones are as beautiful as they are because of the way they reflect light, and jewelry cleaning is the best way to main this skin oil, soap, grease or hand lotion will drastically decrease the brilliance of your jewelry.

How to Clean Jewelry?

Soak your jewelry in a small bowl of warm water with a little dishwashing liguid added. Using a soft facial brush, or a cosmetic brush (like the type used to apply eye shadow), brush gently. This works well for cleaning a pearl ring and jewelry set with coral, lapis lazuli, malachite, turquoise and similiar stones.

Hope Chest Jewelry Carat Weight Chart

  • What exactly is rhodium and will it turn my finger green?
    Rhodium is a shiny coating over the ring to prevent it from tarnishing. If you are allergic to non-gold jewelry due to having a higher acid level in your skin, you may get the "green finger." Some people will apply a clear coat of nail polish to the band area to prevent this from happening. This does not mean the jewelry quality is bad. While you may have an allergic reaction to a particular ring, many others won’t have the same reaction.

  • What is underneath of the rhodium plating?
    Some are sterling silver and others are brass. Please see the description in the product’s listing. Each one is a little different.

  • How do I care and clean for my jewelry?
    Please do not wash hands, do dishes, shower or clean the house when wearing the jewelry. Certain soaps and cleaning supplies may damage the coating on the jewelry. When cleaning your jewelry, avoid commercial jewelry liquid cleaner. These cleaners tend to bleach the jewelry. Use a cleaning cloth, the type you would use when polishing silver.

  • How long does it take to receive items?
    In stock items are shipped within 2-3 business days after receiving the payment. Free sizing rings will take about 1 and a half to 2 and a half weeks to ship out. Please allow 3 days to a week for delivery time via USPS regular insured mail with delivery confirmation.

  • I received a wrong size ring or I received the ring but it does not fit me.
    If you received the wrong size ring than the size that you ordered, you may return the ring and we will send you the right size ring if we have it available, otherwise, we can offer you a credit for another ring available in your size or a refund. If you received the right size ring but it does not fit you, you can return the ring and we will send you the right size ring if we have it available, plus $4.00 for shipping.

    Can the wedding rings be soldered together?
    We were told by our customers that they can be soldered together. Please check with your local jeweler to see if they are willing to do this for you.

  • Why can’t the rings be sized?
    Many jewelers are afraid they will damage the ring plating and are reluctant to size rings. Please check with your local jeweler to see if they are willing to do this for you. We may able to size some rings for you without additional charge. Please read description or email us if you have more questions.

  • Will this ring peel or discolored?
    No. This usually happens when rings contain tin. We do not use tin in our rings. They are made with 40 mils to 80 mils of coating over base metal.

  • Do your rings contain nickel?
    No, they do not.

  • You've relisted the item that I just won, why?
    We have rings in our inventory so the same style of rings can be relisted until we sold out.

  • I like this ring but I need it in a different size. I see you do have it in a different size? Where can I find it?
    Please email us.

  • Can you combine shipping?

  • I was wondering how the ring was shipped and if you had a tracking number for it?
    We ship all our packages via First Class mail USPS with delivery confirmation. You may track packages in your paypal account our purchasing history.