THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS The Last of the Mohicans 15 Chapter Serial 1932 The classic James Fenimore Cooper adventure The Last of the Mohicans is brought to all its blood and thunder glory in this Mascot serial from 1932 starring Harry Carey as the rugged Indian scout Hawkeye. During the French and Indian War, Hawkeye escorts Colonel Munro's daughters, Cora and Alice, as they travel the war-torn wilderness to the safety of Fort William Henry. With the help of brave warriors Chingachgook and Uncas, Hawkeye fights deadly battles with the Hurons, who have joined forces with the French in an attempt to decimate the Mohicans. CAST: Harry Carey .... Hawkeye Hobart Bosworth .... Chingachgook, 'the Sagamore' Frank Coghlan Jr. .... Uncas (as Junior Coghlan) Edwina Booth .... Cora Munro Lucile Browne .... Alice Munro Walter Miller .... Maj. Duncan Heyward Bob Kortman .... Magua Walter McGrail .... Dulac (the French spy) Nelson McDowell .... David Gamut Edward Hearn .... Col. Munro Mischa Auer .... Gen. Montcalm Yakima Canutt .... Black Fox/messenger [Ch.1]/bullion wagon driver [Ch.6] Chapter Titles: The title sequence for the first chapter is missing. It can just be seen fading out as the chapter starts. * 1. Wild Waters * 2. Flaming Arrows * 3. Rifle of Tomahawk * 4. Riding With Death * 5. Red Shadows * 6. The Lure of Gold * 7. The Crimson Trail * 8. The Tide of Battle * 9. A Redskin's Honor * 10. The Enemy's Stronghold * 11. Paleface Magic * 12. The End of the Trail Overseas items (eg to USA) are sent by ROYAL MAIL AIRMAIL. ROYAL MAIL do not do tracking for airmail items unless you pay considerably more for insurance for the privilege – as anything posted overseas (eg, to the USA) is not under their control. This is usually prohibitively expensive, but if you would like your item insured please contact me first. Items are usually sent the day after you pay, or perhaps the same day depending on the time difference, and delivery normally takes about two weeks (10 days usually, but sometimes longer). During busy periods (Christmas especially) it can take around three weeks. This applies to postage to USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, and to a limited extent, also to Europe. PLEASE NOTE I AM A UK SELLER POSTAGE TAKES LONGER (a couple of weeks, not a couple of days).