Hop-Frog's Drum Jester Devotional - Bets Ov Volume 1 2006 CD URCKarm Recordings. A very weird blend of loops, dub and Middle-Eastern and North African motifs into a psychedelic tribal ethnic fusion . Hop-Frog's Drum Jester Devotional uses most often looped ideas from Middle Eastern North African recordings, mixed with band sounds, with electronic and rather fast laptop controlled rhythms, and some spoken word repetitions, that seem to work like almost political statements for the benefit of a creative world into a North African desert context, taken to a citizen's consciousness. Nothing average and ordinary about this one....file under weird. A unique listening experience, and difficult to find. Promo CD in Near Mint condition. Track Listing: 1. L'Amour du Nil (Poppy Love Mix) 2. Eastern Spleen 3 (Donkey Beat Mix)  3. Love in a Minefield (Valmara Version Version) 4. Devotional Desert (Poppy Mine Mix)  5. Another Intricate Gem of the Mouthfrothian Liberation Front 6. Elephants Agony (Tranquilizer Dart Mix)  7. You Can't Do That to Me, I'm an American (Nonsense Mix) 8. Germ of Sorrow 2 9. Cherries of War (Epic Banana Mix)