Vintage Seahorse Tropical Panel Link Bracelet Silver Aluminum Germany
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Dual Sea Horses
Marine Life Hippocamp
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Beach Resort Accessory
Ocean Coastal Fish
Coral Reefs
German Jewelry

This is a gorgeous and delicate filigree silver aluminum Seahorse panel bracelet stamped “Made in Germany”. It is very lightweight you will hardly know it is on your wrist.  Aluminum jewelry became popular in the WWII era when all the regular metals were being used for the war effort. Aluminum could easily be made into jewelry and was readily available.  The Eloxal Aluminum (electrolytic oxidation of aluminum) was most common from the late 1940s to the late 1960s. I believe that is the type of aluminum this bracelet is made from. The bracelet measures approximately 7 ½ inches long and ¾ on an inch wide There are 5 panels that make up the bracelet. Each panel or medallion features two seahorses facing each other.

This is a beautiful and collectible piece of jewelry.  It is in excellent vintage condition as you can see by the enlarged photographs.

This would be perfect for any beach party, Luau, cruise or resort vacation. This is the one accessory that will go with your entire beach wardrobe. It is elegant enough to wear with that little black dress or go casual with your favorite pair of jeans. It is an ideal bracelet for summer because it is so light-weight.

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