VIntage bracelet & ring Suffragette purple cabachon fancy medieval . Through many decades before women got the right to vote, feminists in the United States and England signaled their desire for it by wearing jewelry that incorporated three colors: green for hope, white for the purity of their intentions and violet for dignity. As with "regard" jewelry introduced in Georgian times, the first letter of a gemstone's name was short for something -- in this instance, Give Women (the) Vote.
This bracelet and matching ring are from that period and these are just fantastic examples of suffragette jewelry. These pieces look like they came right out the medieval era because they are so detailed and layered in color and rich metal work. Each of the purple cabs are framed with green rhinestones and faux pearls. THe bracelet is 7" long and 1 1/3" wide. THe thickness of this magnificent bracelet is 1/2" and it is truly a piece fit for royalty. The ring has the same rich purple cabachon with 4 green rhinestones. It is adjustable and will go up to a nine. IT is a little out of shape on the band but could easily be reshaped once you wear it and get the metal warm enough to re-bend. THe bracelet has its original safety chain and the claps works well. This has a rich color of gold patina has increased the intensity of the purple and greens. There is gold wear on the back of the bracelet which does not effect the beauty of it once it is on. The bracelet is quite heavy and so very impressive once you slide it on your wrist!

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