ULTRE - All the Darkness Has Gone to Details 2006 CD Audiobulb Records. Ultre is the musical alias of Finn McNicholas, who apparently began his musical career performing in various bands among the UK indie scene. Along the way, McNicholas' growing interest in graphic design and animation led him to explore digital visuals as a parallel medium, a complimentary path of artistic exploration that's seen him perform live visuals with Squarepusher, Aphex Twin, and Plaid as well as for Warp's recent 20th-century Composers tour. An evolving interest in sound design and film composition also fuelled McNicholas' interest in solo electronic composition, the results of which bear fruit in the form of his debut album as Ultre. Meticulously structured and composed of a mixture of both digital and acoustic elements (including McNicholas' own self-made instrument, apparently something like a huge steel bow and arrow that's physically painful to play), much of All the Darkness certainly veers towards the sorts of contemporary classical explorations evident on Warp Works & Twentieth Century Masters . What sets it apart from that collection, however, are the unmistakably indie-tinged shades lurking at the very edges, something that's particularly evident on the delicate, Pedro-esque “Hearings.” Also particularly striking is the richness of McNicholas' sonic pallette, with Oval-style clicks, cuts, and digital detritus merging beautifully with treated pianos, guitars, and strings, the entire fusion giving off a strangely aged and time-eroded feel. The incorporation of McNicholas' self-built instruments as yet another discernibly present element lends much of the music here an intangibly individual timbre that easily lifts it above the hegemony of the latest plug-in. Replete with eerily intense stuff that suddenly rears up from comparatively placid piano atmospheres into a whirlwind of treated orchestration, All the Darkness represents something of a challenging listen at points, though persistence is rewarded amply. CD in Near Mint condition. Tracks: 1. Pictures Of Piano Notes 2. Being Invincible 3. Hearings 4. Nobodies Favourite 5. Useless Nervous Minutes 6. Nobodies Breaks 7. In The Nerves 8. Bricolage 9. Scissors & Intervals 10. Phrotos 11. Orcheste Neutron 12. Massive Things In Tiny Hands