CALIKA - Small Talk Kills Me 2005 CD Audiobulb Records. Small Talk Kills Me is an unexpected blend of sounds created by solo artist Simon Kealoha. He explores territory that most electronic artists seem to shy away from; a marriage of acoustic and electronic. When listened to with headphones, this release becomes an audio dose of Alka Seltzer, with its jerks and quirks and ping-ponging. Surprising backgrounds of abstract vocals and acoustic guitar give some tracks a fluid, lilting momentum. Other tracks feature industrial, almost robotic chirping, or noise like disembodied keyboards that can be jarring, but that also create a curiosity for the ears. Each track blends individual pieces of noise, deliberately and carefully layered into sound with purpose. This isn't a random mishmash; rather, it leaves you wondering where the next sound will come from. Quite an eclectic listening experience! CD is in MINT condition. Tracklisting: 1 (Enter) (0:53) 2 Jolly Kclit (3:44) 3 Frown And Be Happy (3:36) 4 5/4 Swansong (4:15) 5 We Slaves Nine 2 5 (5:27) 6 V2RM (0:56) 7 Quarter Smile (6:13) 8 Kilter (5:12) 9 Calm Laid Her Head To Have A Nightmare (7:15) 10 The Deme Theatre (4:24) 11 V3RM (0:57) 12 Shallow Work Is The Work I Do (6:10) 13 Before You Say Anything, Small Talk Kills Me (4:20) 14 (Exit) (1:38) 15 Untitled Track (9:28)