PROGRESSIVE ROCK CLASSICS 2001 CD, St. Clair label, Canada. Not entirely what it seems, Progressive Rock Classics is not All the original artists performing their "classics" There's some "new blood" in these veins. That's sort of what makes this CD unusual, very unusual. Out Of Phases's version of Pink Floyd's "Time" from Pink Floyd's classic Dark Side Of the Moon updates the song with a techno groove but keeps the Gilmour solo intact. Vocally, it sounds enough like old Dave to get by. No soul chorus though. Brand X pays homage to Genesis with "Can Utility And The Coastliners" done mostly with guitars and percussion. It's an interesting version, but who can top the original? Still nice to hear another version of this great underrated song. (The Tony Banks keyboard solo is played on bass, which is pretty incredible!) Rick Wakeman's 32 minute opus "Journey To The Center Of The Earth" dominates the majority of theCD (played by Wakeman, of course). Nektar's "Warp Oversight" is from their 1971 album, Journey To The Center Of The Eye and is a mercifully short 3 minute collection of space junk noises. They really should have picked a different Nektar track. Spirits Burning's "Return Of The Giant Hogweed" is nothing short of awful. It sounds like a club band trying theiur worst to sound like Gabriel-era Genesis. Not even a mellotron in the mix! The singer sings only the first line of the song sounding like a pale imitatation of Jack Bruce in his quieter moments. Marillion's "One Fine Day" is taken from their 1997 This Strange Engine album, and while not their finest work, has at least a haunting ambience to it. Finally, Rick Wakeman returns again with the classic Yes song (from Close To The Edge but not with Yes) and it seems a bit more stripped down and lacks the power of the original. But it is a bit cleaner. All in all, you might want to pick this thing up for the curiosity factor, and just because someday (and that day is not far off) it will be considered a "collector's item", and there will be no way you'll ever find it for this price. CD is in Near Mint condition.