After dominating the action-based football scene for nearly 15 years, EA Sports trades in the pigskin for a clipboard with NFL Head Coach. The first strategy-oriented football game on home consoles, NFL Head Coach utilizes the developer's Madden NFL graphics engine to simulate the daily trials and tribulations of a user-created coach. After interviewing for a position with a favorite NFL team, players will be expected to assemble a winning program through drafts, trades, free agency, and more. Before each game, playbooks must be examined and modified, team strategies must be set, and rival teams must be analyzed to expose potential weaknesses. Coaches will also need to motivate their star athletes to perform to the best of their abilities, meet with agents and staff members, and oversee training camp. The goal is to become a Hall of Fame head coach by fulfilling team objectives in a career spanning 30 seasons.

From the Manufacturer: Electronic Arts once again puts all the sweat and tension of the gridiron in your control with this new NFL franchise -- only this time, you command it allEA Tiburon, makers of other NFL properties including Madden NFL Football and NFL STREET. The new exclusive deal with the NFL has allowed EA to build this franchise and work with all coaches in the NFL Coaches Club.

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