Offered this week from my personal collection of concert photography from the 1970`s is a beautiful 8" X 10" color print of the Legendary "Eric Clapton", Mr. Slow Hands himself! This was taken either at the Summit or at Hoffhenz Pavillion (sorry it has been so long I don`t remember at which venue he played) in Houston, Texas in Nov. 1977 by myself, as I was heavily into concert photography from 1976 to 1978. My buddy was a professional photographer & had photo passes for many shows, & I went along as his assistant photographer, but kept all my own slides & negatives. Now I am sharing a limited number of these color prints with you lucky collectors! I limit each individual shot to a maximum of 10 prints, and then will retire the slide to my collection. Original slide is not included! This print is #2 of 10, with all rights reserved. This photo has been professionally printed on Fujifilm FujiColor Crystal Archive Paper and will be safely packed in hard cardboard inside a padded photo envelope so it gets to you in perfect shape. This is a hot shot of Eric looking right at me & and playing his accoustic guitar! Lighting is good on this shot with Eric looking just a bit sad! A great close up shot that would look just fantastic framed on your wall! My lighting caused a shine on his face that is not in the original photo! Offered at a very reasonable $25.00, and shipping to the US by regular airmail(not insured) will be just $12.00.  If you have any questions at all, please contact Greg at [email protected]

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