Little Peepers

If you're having a little trouble reading the fine print (and the not so fine print),
it's not time to admit defeat, it's time to celebrate.
It's a great reason to add a whole new selection of great accessories,
to suit your personality, wardrobe and mood!


  • Design: "LEONARD" Black Frame Chunky Rectangle GEEK Celebrity
  • Frame width: 5 3/8" (135mm)
  • Lens size: 2" x 1 1/4" (50mm x 32mm)

A great pair of Little Peepers reading glasses makes a wonderful gift, for yourself or someone else. We have listings in varying powers and colors, all high quality, and all eye-catching. Our glasses are available in a variety of lens strength. Select the power you need from the drop down menu in the listing, or peruse all our listings to see our super selection.

Little Peepers eye wear purchases are shipped within 2 business days. All glasses are securely and professionally packed and shipped with tracking numbers for delivery confirmation.

We gladly ship worldwide from Britain to Belgium, Alaska to Australia and everywhere in between.

Due to unpredictable postal services in some areas outside the USA, even with tracking numbers, we cannot guarantee safe arrival of shipments to these areas and cannot be held responsible for international packages after they leave our premises and are accepted by the US postal service.

Please note:
Consult your optician before using any kind of eye wear, including those listed here.
These glasses are in no way intended as a replacement for professionally prescribed and fitted eye wear.