Czech Glass Seed Beads Size 12/0 3 cut

  • High quality Czech 12/0 3-cut glass seed beads.
  • 12/0 3-cut Czech glass seed beads have larger holes thus making them easier to use in beadwork.
  • The facets on 12/0 3-cut Czech seed beads are soft giving them a delicate, sparkling appearance.
  • Use with nymo thread sizes A, B or D and size 12 English beading needles.
  • Approximate pack specifications: Hank or hank equivalent of 10x15" strands, 3000 beads
  • Made in Czech Republic.

    Today there are lots of choices from lots of countries in seed beads, but Czech seed beads have beautiful symmetry and an incredible color range, for an unparalleled finished result

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    Explanation of all seed bead finishes:

    Lined: Translucent glass (usually crystal clear or a very pale color) with a solid colored center lining. The lining color shows through the clear glass exterior for a dimensional colored effect.

    A high shine pearl-like finish. Iridescent without the rainbow effect.

    Matte: A soft, frosted appearance.

    Matte Rainbow:
    A soft, frosted appearance. The rainbow finish gives the beads a lovely multicolored effect.

    A polished, soft metal appearance. Semi-matte metallics have a subtle, frosted appearance.

    Metallic Iris:
    Metallic colors with a rainbow effect.

    Semi-transparent. They have a soft, cloudy appearance with a polished glass finish.

    A solid color with no light passing through the bead.

    Opaque Rainbow:
    Solid, opaque colors with a lustrous rainbow coating giving a beautiful iridescent effect.

    Pearl: Known as pearl,
    ceylon and ceylon pearl, these beads have a soft, shiny appearance.

    The satin finish effect is applied to a translucent bead to give a soft, frosted appearance with delicate, hardly-there ridges around the bead.

    Satin Pearl: Pearlized colors
    with a lightly frosted finish.

    Silver Lined:
    Translucent glass with a silver lining for sparkle. Sometimes referred to as rocailles.

    Silver Lined Iris:
    Translucent glass with a silver lining for sparkle, and an iris coating for rainbow iridescence.

    Clear or opaque glass with stripes of one or two colors running around the outside. This gives a multi-tone effect to the bead.

    : See-thru, allowing light from behind to illuminate the colors.

    Transparent Iris
    : See-thru, allowing light from behind to illuminate the colors. The iris coating gives the beads a rainbow iridescence.

    White Heart: Colored, translucent bead with a solid opaque white center (white heart)


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