DUFEX is a highly distinctive foil printing and embossing technique developed by F.J. Warren LTD, England. DUFEX adds the extra dimensions of light, movement and depth to these foil prints. The DUFEX effect begins by printing images onto aluminum foil lined paper, using UV formulated transparent inks, which allow the reflective shine to be retained. Then, using special engraving techniques, a range of stunning light reflective textures are added to the foil, thereby uniquely enhancing each design. This creates a three dimensional "illusion of movement" image. All foils measure 6" X 8" (6 1/4 X 8 1/4 including border).

White mats are available for these prints at the end of the booth for $1.99 each. These are custom mats made specifically for these size prints, and you will not find them in any store. With the white mat, the prints will fit perfectly into any standard 8" x 10" frame. Please order separately (Item #11237792).

All additional items (after the first) purchased on the same order (prints or mats) will pay only $0.50 cents shipping ($0.75 International) for each additional item.