Natural Serpentine round gemstone handmade, set in sterling silver. A unique and pretty combination of colors, green, brown, and pink. The 8mm faceted cubic zirconia shimmers and sparkles with shades of pinks and some light peach hues complementing the green and brown colors in the serpentine stone.

Depending on your viewing angle of the cubic zirconia, you will see flashes of light and dark pinks and peach, giving it the name Mars Moon.

The sterling bezel is handmade and soldered onto a sterling mounting with the cubic zirconia set at the top of the stone, the top of the pendant is shaped into a bail to accommodate a sterling 18 inch snake chain. The back of the pendant is open for full view of this lovely stone.

The color variation in this Serpentine stone is the result of varied mineral infusions in the stone. The serpentine stones can be a olive green color, brown, and sometimes even black. The name is thought to come from the greenish color being that of a serpent. Serpentine deposits can be found in are New Zealand, China, South Africa, Italy, England and the USA.

* Natural Serpentine round gemstone sterling pendant.
* 8mm faceted Mars Moon cubic zirconia.
* Pendant size: 1.75 inch length, 1.25 inch width.
* Sterling silver snake chain, 18 inch.