BEAUTIFUL 0.55CT TANZANITE! Blue Lavender Color with a lot of Sparkle, Flash, and Luster! This TANZANITE gem was mined in Tanzania, Africa, and you can be assured it is 100% Real, Natural, Authentic, and Genuine. This Tanzanite Gemstone was mined in the "D" Block mine, and is Eye Clean & 10x Loupe Clean. Take it to a Jeweler that specializes in Tanzanite and have it Appraised. Then be sure to have it Insured to Protect Your Investment. Gemstone -- TANZANITE Weight ------ 0.55 ct apx. Shape ------- Emerald Cut Color --------- Blue Lavender Size ---------- 6x4 mm apx. Hardness --- 6.5 - 7 on the MOHS scale Care: Clean with mild dish soap in warm water with a SOFT toothbrush. DO NOT use ultrasonic cleaners!! Handling: Avoid rough treatment, and harsh chemicals. We Ship Internationally also. For International Shipping Rates, please email us before purchasing: [email protected]