This dress has a rabbit motif.  There is a rose with ribbon streamers hanging from the front waist of the dress.  There is a delicate lace edging on the neck and sleeves.  The sleeves have elastic so the sleeves may be adjusted for different looks and styles. The back has either a button or Velcro closing  to make it easier for everyone to dress, and undress, their favorite 18 " inch doll friends.


These Clothes Are Made To Fit 18-Inch Dolls


Stretch Fabrics:  I believe the stretch fabric the garments are made of has Polyester content, and a stretch component, which allows the fabric to stretch, and fit, to form.  The Polyester washes beautifully.  One of the great benefits of Polyester is the lack of wrinkles in the fabric after washing.  The colors are vibrant as is typical of Polyester fabrics.


Changes in Print on Garments: The material has a print that changes with the making of the garments; therefore, the actual items received may vary from the articles photographed because of how the pattern of this fabric was made into the clothing.




Fabric Content: The clothes are made from new, used, and repurposed supplies. Some of the fabric is made of unknown materials. 




Care of Garments: Generally speaking, I believe that the garments will wash, and dry, with Permanent Press settings on the washer, and dryer.  Water that is too hot, or a dryer set on high temperatures may cause an unpleasant and/ or unexpected change in the clothes.  In addition, there is elastic in the casing of the waistband.




Homemade Clothing: These clothes are Homemade, and therefore, do not have the perceived perfection of readymade wear from the stores. However, the doll clothes are made to last, and they are usually made of a more durable fabric.  With a little care, the clothes will probably last many years under normal usage.  Thank you for looking, and shopping with me.




Questions:    Thank you!


As a Reminder: These clothes fit 18 inches dolls.  The actual items received may vary from the garments photographed due to how the pattern of this material was made into garments. 


These clothes are Homemade and therefore do not have the perfection of readymade wear from the stores. However, the doll clothes are made to last, and they are usually made of a more durable fabric, whenever possible; therefore, they will probably last many years under normal usage.  Thank you for looking.


Items listed in the sales:  Items included in the pictures, and objects that are used to hold up the sale items,  to give the best photographic views of the items for sale, such as stands, chairs, flowers, fabrics, walls, are not for sale, and are not, therefore, included in the sale.  The backgrounds are used to help create color contrast, prevent too much light on the subjects, or they are used to allow more accurate photographic reproductions of the items included in the sales.  In addition, settings, color, backgrounds, floorings, and rugs, are use to accentuate, and reveal, the true beauty of the items I have for sale, they are not part of the sale. 


Only the items described in the pictures, and emphasized in the sales, are considered, listed for sale, or items listed in the sales, and described, are for sale.  For some of you this information may seem unnecessary as you may already have this understanding, but for those individuals who need this extra help, I hope this is enough to comply with your expectations of items for sale, or items listed in sales. 


I appreciate your order and I hope you are completely satisfied. Please remember to leave a positive feedback, and I will do the same for you. Thank you


THE FINE PRINT…PLEASE READ! Please ask any questions before you bid! Sometimes I do accept returns, and sometimes I do not accept returns.  Please read information on each item so that you may bid in ways that meet your expectations, and your expected outcomes.


I list items, as accurately as possible, to the best of my ability. Items sold as used may show signs of normal wear. Item should not be expected to be in brand new condition, as imperfections are sometimes unavoidable; however, remember that new products often have their share of imperfections created in manufacturing, handling, and/or shipping.  Therefore, look at all pictures and read the information provided with the items.


I want you to be happy with your purchase, or purchases.  I also want you to leave me positive feedback when you are assured you have completed all transactions associated with the items you have won.   If some reason you are not happy, please give me an opportunity to resolve the conflict before you leave feedback. 


Other than providing proof that your item was mailed through the Delivery Confirmation system, or a scanned copy of the receipt from post office of Delivery Confirmation Tracking Number, I take no financial responsibility for any lost, misdirected, damaged, wrongly received, or otherwise undelivered mail.


I will gladly insure purchases for loss or damages, upon request. If you want an item insured, please make the request, and then wait for an invoice before paying.


PAYMENT: If you live within , an 8.75% sales tax will apply. Please pay within 3 days. A Non-Paying Bidder Claim will be automatically filed after 3 days if not paid. If there is a problem paying, please email me to let me know!


SHIPPING: I will combine shipping whenever possible. I ship purchases Monday through Friday; my local post office is closed on Saturdays and Sundays. I normally ship them within 24 hours of payment.


FEEDBACK: I strive for 100% customer satisfaction, and I will try to resolve any problems that you may have with your purchase. When you leave positive feedback for me, it lets me know you are satisfied with your purchase. Once I know you are satisfied with your purchase, I will gladly leave positive feedback for you, my customers.


Please take a moment to check out my other items, you might find another great item, and I love to combine shipping when possible. 


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