Mattify Cosmetic's Day Dreamer ~ Light Blue Eye Makeup ~ The perfect pastel for summer!

Day Dreamer is a highly pigmented & long lasting eye shadow. Functions beautifully as an eye liner, or lid color.

General Product Information:

Ever notice that your eyeshadow disappears half way through the day? If you have oily skin, this is a common problem. Without the proper base, eyeshadow does not adhere to the skin & as a result, you get streaky shadow that fades fast.

Mattify! Eye Shadows all contain the same Kaolin Clay & Corn Starch mixture as original Mattify! Powder - giving them a superb oil absorbing base and staying power. Each shadow is VERY high-pigment and fade resistant.

One Product – Four Different Uses!

There has never been a cosmetic item that multi-tasks like this. Each Mattify! Sparkling Eye Shadow can not only be worn as eye shadow, but can also be transformed into:

LIP GLOSS - select colors



You will receive an instruction sheet with your order, so you know how to make 1 product work as 4!

To create Eye Liner: Dip a skinny applicator into water and tap away excess. Dip applicator into Mattify! Eye Shadow, and again, tap away excess. The powder shadow will instantly liquefy, allowing you to use it as a liquid eye liner.

To create Lip Gloss:Dispense a small amount of Mattify! Eye Shadow onto a thick piece of paper. Remove lip gloss wand from container, and dab into the eye shadow. Brush onto lips until desired color opacity is achieved.

To create Nail Polish: Dispense a small amount of Mattify! Eye Shadow onto a thick piece of paper. Take the brush out of the jar of nail polish, and dab into the eye shadow. Brush onto nail until color completely covers the nail. Allow to dry and apply a clear or glittery top coat.

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