Long Lasting Eye Makeup by Mattify Cosmetics

Smokey Purple Eye Shadow in "Purple Haze"

This color is a beautiful smokey purple with grey undertones. It creates a sexy version of a smoky eye, or goes on a bit darker when used as liquid liner.

General Information: Mattify! Cosmetics Long Lasting Eye Shadow

Ever notice that your eyeshadow disappears half way through the day? If you have oily skin, this is a common problem. Without the proper base, eyeshadow does not adhere to the skin & as a result, you get streaky shadow that fades fast.

Mattify! Eye Shadows all contain the same Kaolin Clay & Corn Starch mixture as original Mattify! Powder - giving them superb oil absorbing abilities and long lasting staying power.

Product Application

Several different looks can be achieved with Mattify! Eye Shadow. Use lighter colors to highlight and brighten, and darker colors for liner or to create sexy smoky eyes. Always start by inverting the jar (with lid still attached) and tapping a few times to bring shadow through the sifter holes. Turn jar right side up & then remove lid.

For sheer, light coloring:

Dab one side of the eyeshadow applicator into color. Tap applicator on side of jar, or gently blow on applicator remove excess. Gently brush applicator over desired eye area. This will obtain a sheer color wash.

For opaque coloring:

In a circular motion, swirl one side of the eyeshadow applicator into color, making sure to saturate it with quite a bit of shadow. Tap or blow on applicator to remove excess. PAT the applicator onto desired area. **It's important to use patting motions to achieve an opaque effect - otherwise you will spread the color too thin and end up with more of a sheer coloring. Depending on the desired level of opacity, you may want to go over the area a couple of times.

For smoky eye:

Using the opaque coloring technique described above, apply shadow toward the outer corners of eye lids. Next, use the applicator to grab the heavy coloring on outer corners inwards toward the center of your eye. The color should be darkest at the outer most corner of lids, and begin to lighten toward the center of lids. Lightly dab a very light complimentary color to the inner corners of eyes.

For liner:

Swirl a thin liner brush into shadow until it is completely coated. Tap or blow away excess. Use either the brushing motions or patting motions mentioned above for the desired opacity of color. For all day staying power, mix a bit of the powder liner with Bare Escentuals "Weather Everything" Liner Sealer before application. (Can be purchased at Sephora or Ulta). This amazing clear mixture turns any powder liner into a long lasting, easy to apply liquid liner.

Mattify! Eye Shadow can be used on any skin type.