This is for a black and white copy from my original Alice Brooks #7102 mail order transfer.Intended for sheet and pillowcase set.For embroidery and crochet trim (but you could add gathered eyelet or pre-crocheted trim to finish off the skirt,rather than crocheting it).It features a belle in garden of floral trellises.You will receive a copy of the crochet instructions and the 2 belles.14.5"x5.5" & 20"x7". To use this copy you will need to either trace the design with a transfer pen and then iron onto fabric or trace it with a pencil directly onto fabric using a light source.(completed linens not for sale)****************This material comes from a public domain source.{Printed in 1939 without copyright notice and therefore entered public domain immediately}This is a photocopy of my original pattern/linen which is in the public domain and does not infringe upon any copyrights RE:COPYRIGHTS My reproductions are adapted from original vintage transfers/patterns/linens in my personal collection.The ORIGINALS are now in the Public Domain because their copyright has expired....Because of alterations made by my editing these reproduction are entirely copyrighted by craftycharlie's and may not be recopied in any media.Purchases of these reproductions does not constitute permission to copy or reproduce. All images have been cleaned, restored / edited ********