Antidoron Pouch Dimensions : 18 x 14 CM OR 7.1 x 5.5 IN Cotton case (Pouch) with yellow thread , for storage or transport of holy bread.

Antidoron Pouch

Dimensions : 18 x 14 CM or 7.1x5.5 IN

The Antidoron (Greek: Ἀντίδωρον, Antídōron) is ordinary leavened bread which is blessed but not consecrated and distributed in Eastern Orthodox Churches and less often in Eastern Catholic Churches that use the Byzantine Rite. It comes from the remains of the loaves of bread (prosphora) from which portions are cut for consecration as the Eucharist during the Divine Liturgy. The word Ἀντίδωρον means "instead of Gifts."

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