After payment is receive I will contact you for your stamp design.
  • Suitable for leisure and small/medium business use, you can now customize what you want on your very own rubber stamp. Used as a traditional return address stamp. Choose from 6 different colors.
    • Rubber stamp with plastic casing
    • Print images available in red, purple, black, green, pink, and blue
    • Includes lid to prevent ink drying up
    • Ink is refillable using water-based ink bought from stationery stores
    • Can be stamped up to 2,000 times
    • Stamp Area Dimensions:
      Small 1.125" diameter
      Medium 1.5" diameter
      1.88" diameter
    • Printable area: approximately 80% of the available space on the stamp area
Please send me your design before you buy to make sure it will work on this stamp. it needs to be in black and white and be 500px by 500px or greater at 200dpi. Please use this template to make your design- If you want me to design your graphic, I can design it for $20 more. I will make it for you before you purchase and email it to you for your approval before purchase. If I design the graphic it must be paid for with the purchase of the stamp. I will send a invoice for the stamp that will include the price for the design.
Round rubber stamp template
 I will put the order in the same day I receive the buyer's approval and it will take 8-12 business days for it to be processed by the manufacturers.

This product is manufactured and shipped by a company in China.