Protect your favourite gadget using Glow in the Dark Skinz




Glow in the Dark films



The films from Glow in the Dark range are professional monomer/polymer mixture-type multi-layered adhesive films, 200 micron thick.



They are fluorescent films, white in daylight and bright green in the dark. Once charged for about 15 - 20 minutes from a light source, the films shine in the dark for several hours.







  • SKINZ films are very flexible and have an adhesive base. They are not electrostatic ! The films protect the curvy parts as well and adhere perfectly to the device, being obtained with laser accuracy and a keen attention to each and every detail.


  • The professional premium cast materials used are of the latest generation, therefore, they do not fade out in time, the initial colour preserving its vividness.





  • Quick and easy application, with no air bubbles


  • They do not add to the volume of your gadget, therefore, you may use any dock or accessory


  • The flexibility of the material guarantees perfect fitting, free of air bubbles


  • The strong adhesive of the film prevents any accidental displacement


  • You may remove the film whenever you want, without any adhesive residue being left on the gadget





These are self-adhesive films to be placed on the telephone case.



They are not plastic cases and do not replace any of the telephone parts.



This listing is for the Wrap/Skin only not for the actual device.





Package includes:


 - 1 x Full body Glow in the Dark Skin ( 1 x Back Sticker + 1 x Front  Sticker + Bumper Guard Stickers )

Please be advise ! This package does not include Screen Protector ! If you wish this kind of package please visit my listings !


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