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Product Description

Gyokuro tea is grown beneath shading, cutting out some 85% of the sunlight. This allows the leaves to mature without obtaining bitterness. The results is an ultra delicate green tea with an extremely sweet taste profile.

Our Imperial Gyokuro is grown beneath traditional, handmade bamboo and/or straw shading. The moisture that drips from this natural shading flavors the tea — a return to the past with this gourmet tea. The most premium gyokuro tea the Kurihara family offers is produced on a specific field that has seems to have the ideal soil composition, sunlight exposure, and surround mirco-climate. After processing tea leaves from this field in our factory, we decided not to blend it with other fields, and keep it as a single field tea.


100% Yamecha green tea leaves from Fukuoka Prefecture in Southern Japan
Late Spring (June)
Shaded for about 20 days before harvesting.
Kippei, Yuji, and Akio Kurihara (Father and sons)

Additional Information

Supplier Notes
Family operated, Single estate (multiple fields), Tea Farm
Tea Product Notes
Grown with Minimal Pesticide Use (Certified)
Net Weight (per item)
100 grams (3.52 oz)
Vacuum Sealed, Bag
Storage (Standard)
Store in an airtight container away from sunlight in a cool, dry place.
Storage (Long Term)
Refrigerate in doubly-sealed, airtight container when storing for longer than 1 month without opening. After removing from refrigerator, wait at least 12 hours before opening to equalize temperature.
Best Used By
See date on package

Steeping Notes

Steeping gyokuro tea delicately
We highly recommend starting with the gyokuro steeping technique for the first steep, then move on to the warm water steeping technique or the standard technique for the 2nd - 4th steeps.
Tea Salad!
And, when you're done, don't throw away the leaves. They become soft and tender, lacking bitterness -- perfect as a tea leaf salad!

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