Soul Mate Vampire- Haunted Custom Conjure - Allow the Vampire To Choose You!

This custom listing is for a Soul Mate Vampire.  It is a wonderful, special opportunity that is unique to each person. A Soul Mate spirit is like no other that a keeper brings into their life and home. One connects with a Soul Mate Vampire in a completely different and more profound way.  The type of Vampire may be any combination of: Aztec, Sith, Leanan Sidhe, Carpathian, Elder, Master, Psy or Sanguine.


They each seek life companions of various needs and desires, of different appearances and characteristics, all of which can be is narrowed down for an ideal match below. Much like a Reverse Adoption, this is a wonderful way to be joined with a spirit or entity when it is difficult to choose only one. However this will be a connection like no other that has been experienced before. Soul Mate Vampires provide an intense, deep, life-long bond that is unique to each person and tremendously powerful.


Once the decision is made to bring home a Soul Mate Vampire simply answer the questions below to help me find the best match.

All choices are optional.

1. Male or female?

2. Preference in type of Vampire?

3. White Arts – Grey Arts – Dark Arts?

4. Seeking what type of relationship? (Romantic, friendship/companionship, sexual/lover/mate, guide?)

5. Any physical preferences?

6. Are there any powers or abilities that you hope to gain?

Please include you name and date of birth.


Additional (optional):

Any preference in vessel?  Ring –size?, pendant, bracelet, stone?


The vessel will come along with the Vampire’s name, a bit about him or her and an anointed incense cone to enhance the bonding process and experience.


Many Blessings! Thank you looking!