This cowrie (cowry) shell pendant key chain features a pendant made from cowrie shell with twin palm trees, ocean waves, and a sailboat engraved on it. It is a beautiful ocean, beach, tropical island themed pendant. This key chain is perfect for someone who loves the beach, islands, palm trees, or sailing. The fact that these ocean themed icons are engraved on a shell adds all the more to the beach theme. The pendant has colors of tan, brown, and white in it. The back of the pendant is white. It is a flat pendant with a curved shape. The key ring and connectors are goldtone.

In addition to using this as a key chain, you could also attach the key ring to a zipper to use as a zipper pull charmĀ or on a bag or purse strap as a charm dangle.

The entire length of the key chain is 3 inches. The palm tree shell pendant itself is 1 1/2 inches long. The pendant is attached to the key ring with three chain links and a split ring. The split ring and chain links are goldtone and the key ring is light goldtone. The cowrie shell pendant is flat, but has a curved shape.

A cowrie, or cowry, shell is a type of sea snail shell. A cowrie shell has a rather porcelain appearance, which adds to its beauty and smooth feel. Cowrie shells were once used as currency and for trade in some countries and have been used in jewelry throughout time as well.

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