This is a set of two friendship locket anklets with heart shaped lockets. The two anklets (ankle bracelets) are identical with a heart shaped locket attached to each anklet. Each locket holds two photos; one on each side of the open locket. Or, you could put a note folded up inside. These make a wonderful gift set for friends, sisters, best friends, mothers and daughters, or other family members. The locket has black decorative engravings around the edge. The back is plain. The chains are shiny silver tone and the lockets are dark silver tone.

Last photo shows sample of photos in lockets just for an idea of use...not included. Also, penny in photo is to show size of locket; it is not included.


The anklet chains are 10 inches long, including clasps. (Length can be changed by request!)

The lockets are 3/4 inch in size. The photo space is 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch; keep in mind this is heart shaped. The locket snaps closed.

The chain and clasps are shiny, bright silver tone zinc alloy. The lockets are also made of zinc alloy, but are dark silver tone with black coloring for a vintage, antiqued look.


For adding photos to your lockets, distance photos work best, so that the heads are not too big.

Place the locket on the part of the photo you want; trace around the locket.

Cut out around the trace line, cutting the shape smaller than the trace line.

Place the photo in the locket, trimming the photo as needed to adjust the fit in the locket.

The photo tucks under the locket rim to hold it in place.