The Perils of Pauline 1934 12 Chapter Serial Plot: A famous scientist and his beautiful daughter travel to Indochina to find an ivory disc that has the formula for a deadly gas engraved on it. An evil doctor and his gang are also looking for it. Chapter Titles: * 1. Guns of Doom * 2. Typhoon of Terror * 3. The Leopard Leaps * 4. Trapped by the Enemy * 5. Flaming Tomb * 6. Pursued by Savages * 7. Tracked by the Enemy * 8. Dangerous Depths * 9. The Mummy Walks * 10.The Night Attack * 11.Into the Flames * 12.Confu's Sacred Secret Overseas items (eg to USA) are sent by ROYAL MAIL AIRMAIL. ROYAL MAIL do not do tracking for airmail items unless you pay considerably more for insurance for the privilege – as anything posted overseas (eg, to the USA) is not under their control. This is usually prohibitively expensive, but if you would like your item insured please contact me first. Items are usually sent the day after you pay, or perhaps the same day depending on the time difference, and delivery normally takes about two weeks (10 days usually, but sometimes longer). During busy periods (Christmas especially) it can take around three weeks. This applies to postage to USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, and to a limited extent, also to Europe. PLEASE NOTE I AM A UK SELLER POSTAGE TAKES LONGER (a couple of weeks, not a couple of days).