SAMBASUNDA (Gebyar) - Bali Jaipong 2000 CD, Gema Nada, Indonesia. SambaSunda are a 14-piece ensemble bringing together a pan-Indonesian array of instruments and influences to create a new style Gamelan orchestra. The classic sounds of the traditional instruments evoke not only the past but also the bustling, urban energy of Bandung today. On "Bali Jaipong", this innovative and fascinating project links Balinese gamelan to Sundanese Jaipong, the rather strange dance music of Sunda.Featuring the Sundanese drum, the kendang and other instruments with the percussive gamelan music of Bali, with vocals. A remakable melange of Indonesian musics that is an expotic and heady listen. This CD is OUT OF PRINT & VERY SCARCE!!! This is an import seldom found outside Indonesia. Sambasunda's CDs are hard to find, but this is certainly one of their rarest. A pity, because the music is GREAT! This one is in NEAR MINT CONDITION. Tracks: 1. BAJIDOR KAHOT (Top Amateur Dancer) 2. KEMBANG BOLED (Boled Flower) 3. WALED (N.N.) 4. SINYUR (The Song of Sinyur) 5. ALIONG (Famous Chinese Name in West Java) 6. KULU-KULU BEM NAEK HIJI CATETAN (Contemplation of Love) 7. KEMBANG GADUNG (Gadung Flower) 8. MEDLEY TABEUH RIWEUH - WARU DOYONG (the Trees or Waru Doyong), BANGBUNG HIDEUNG (Black Rhinoceros Beetle), LARAS KONDA (The Song of Laras Konda)