Category: Magic the Gathering

For sale is a brand new set of four unplayed "Mana Confluence" cards from the card game Magic the Gathering.  Details on the item are:


*MADE BY: Wizards of the Coast

*EXPANSION: Journey Into Nyx

*NUMBER: 163 / 163


*CONDITION:  Brand new, never played

*NOTES: This is a set of four cards.


NOTE ABOUT SHIPPING: I do combine on shipping, though I've had trouble with Bonanza's 'combined shipping' system.  If you buy more than one item and it charges you twice for shipping, I will refund any unused portion.  If you would like to know shipping cost ahead of time, please let me know the items and your zip code and I can provide that.

I do NOT ship internationally.  I apologize for this, but due to my work schedule and the post office's hours it's difficult for me to get there to mail international packages.  I have made exceptions based on the amount spent and if I have days off, so you are welcome to ask!  I just can't promise anything, unfortunately.