I will be casting this spell May 15th 2015 for all those whom have ordered it. Please don't think that because I am only charging $5 that it is not a powerful spell. This will be the most Powerful as it is a Blood Cast spell. I don't cast Blood Spells often, but when I do, Magical Things happen in HUGE ways. Don't get me wrong, all my spells are powerful, but this spell is especially powerful because it is cast with a real witch's blood. My blood.

This Good Luck Spell will bring great things to your life. You will find your life turning around in ways you never thought possible. You may find or win large sums of money, things will start going your way, awesome jobs or promotions may jump into your lap, unexpected checks may show up in your mailbox. How does Good Luck work and is it only for big things? Well, it can be as simple as always finding the perfect parking spot, red lights turning green when you pull up to an intersection, running into an long lost friend or lover, winning a court case because the other litigant overslept or got into a fender bender and never shows up, finding something you thought was lost forever, getting pregnant when your doctor told you you couldn't have kids, or whatever would be Good Luck to you. This spell WILL bring Good Luck to you!

Jump in here. We all could use some Good Luck as it seems the world is falling apart around us, but it doesn't have to be that way for you. You might be thinking, "I don't deserve Good Luck when so many other people are suffering". But you don't have to feel that way. Think of all the things you could do to help others when things are going great for you. What would you do, or who would you help if you won the lottery? You might think "everyone would hate me if I came into Good Fortune", and that is possible, but are those the people you want in your life anyway? Your "real friends" would be happy for you.

This spell is going to be cast with or without you, so don't be left behind. I won't be offering it again for a very long time... especially at this price. I may also decide to close this offer at any time before the casting date, so please don't take too long to think about it. If you decide to purchase this spell, immediately mark May 15th on your calendar.

Thanks so much, I'm really excited and looking forward to casting this Powerful Good Luck Spell for you and the many others that will be joining in. Please understand, this is a Good Luck Spell, nothing will be shipped to you. I will however, send you an email the morning of May 16th to let you know that your spell has been successfully cast, and just how many the spell has been cast for.


Many Blessings,
















































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