This is a most CHARMING portrait of a Mid-20th Century girl-child! She looks like she is straight out of a 50's-era children's book or magazine ad...

I am not an art expert, so I am not 100% sure what the media is, but my best estimation is that it is an oil pastel drawing. (It is painted/drawn on heavy manilla-colored art paper.) Those more knowledgeable should be able to tell from the extreme closeup detail of the eye.

There is also a real MYSTERY here - on her pink dress is a faint "palette" shaped logo with what appears to be the words, "Vanity Fair". I have not been able to identify this mark, nor associate the picture with the magazine, but, who knows... I have a strong feeling that this painting may be a real "SLEEPER" ... If anyone has any information on this picture, or that mark - I LOVE TO LEARN!

Regardless, this is a wonderful piece of vintage artwork and Americana, well framed, sure to bring smiles and conversation to any room!


This is framed under glass in an antiqued wood frame of the period.

Frame Size = 15" W x 18" H

Sheet Size = 11" W x 14" H


This is in VERY GOOD Condition!

Only some very minor issues to mention for the sake of accuracy:

There is a very small tear at top edge, and a small nick on the right edge - both of which are already covered up by the edge of the frame, and a small water stain at bottom edge, which could easily be covered by a mat.