Ordo Equitum Solis - Hecate 1997 CD, Projekt Records. Mystical, magical, ritualistic music from Italy's gothic underground. Solemn female vocals cresting over electronic and acoustic instruments, evoking a mysterious, almost religious mood. Projekt licensed a few CDs from this band from the Italian Musica Maxima Magnetica label and this is one of them. Definitely one of their better CDs, great darkwave similar to Sol Invictus and Dead Can Dance. Hard to find. The tray car has a crease down the middle but otherwise, this CD is in EXCELLENT condition. Much more expensive anywhere else. 1. La Flamme Perdue 2. The Secret Hope Of F. 3. Songs Of The Man: Desiderio 4. Songs Of The Man: Canto Alla Vita 5. Songs Of The Man: Argentea Imago 6. Songs Of The Man: Les Nuits De L' Ame 7. Songs Of The Man: The Haughtiness Of 8. Songs Of The Fool: The Mercury Mirror 9. Songs Of The Fool: A Reflection 10. Songs Of The Fool: The Springs And The Stone 11. Songs Of The Fool: The Crossroads 12. Songs Of The Fool: Retour A La Mer