SLA002  SQUARED WRAP WOMEN  -   40% alpaca & 10% wool & 50% acrylic

This beautiful wrap with a delicate design makes sure to make you feel as fabulous as you look. Also, combines fashion sense and classic charm.

You can find this squared wrap on solid colours with wide plain borders and multicolour tones with no borders. This wrap with a squared shape has a big fit, offers a flattering style, plain pattern and a incredible softness.

Alpaca, wool and acrylic combined together makes a feather light wrap and comfortable. This squared wrap is made to use in a beautiful, elegant or casual and fun way to wear alpaca!  The natural warmth of alpaca wards off the chill of a breeze, a cool evening or even the bite of air conditioning. We also work with a fantastic blend of polyamide and acrylic.

- Materials available  1: 30% polyamide & 70% acrylic
                                  2: 40% alpaca & 10% wool & 50% acrylic
- Colours available  1: BR-953 (pink/red), BR-954 (orange/blue), BR-955 (blue/white), BR-957 (black/white)
                                2: AU-201 (white), AU-500 (black), AU-404 (grey), AU-610 (red)
- Sizes available: One size

*Measurements1: H92cm x W118cm (H36.22” x W46.45”)     Weight: 600gr (1lb 5.164oz)
*Measurements2: H68cm x W150cm (H26.77” x W59”)     Weight: 500gr (1lb 1.637oz)

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