Bold and chunky natural Howlite white nugget and Sodalite stick nugget southwest style bracelet. A beautiful combination of natural white howlite and blue sodalite nugget stones. A stylish and fashionable bracelet to go with any outfit. The howlite nuggets are about 13mm to 14mm and the sodalite beads are about 20mm long. Two nugget style sterling 5mm beads are placed at each end of the bracelet. Silver colored cord guards are used to protect and hide the cord for a clean look. Embellished by southwestern style silver button centerpiece and completed by a large silver plated lobster claw clasp. Fits a 7½ inch wrist, adjustable to 8 inch.

Howlite is a white stone with streaks of gray or black, called inclusions or matrix. Used in many southwest style jewelry pieces in its natural state or it can be dyed to a blue color to imitate turquoise as well as lapis lazuli. Natural Howlite is mined in California and Nova Scotia.

Blue Sodalite is similar to Lapis Lazuli but differs by their white streaks throughout the stone. The mineral sodalite is named for its sodium content. As a gemstone, sodalite is usually deep blue, often with a violet tint, and frequently contains white veins of calcite.

* Fits a 7½ inch wrist, adjustable to 8 inch.
* Natural Howlite nuggets, 13mm to 14mm.
* Natural Sodalite stick nugget gemstones, 20mm.
* Large Silver plated lobster claw clasp.