Dynamic Karate Kicking & Drills DVD Michele Mouse Krasnoo
ID#: VD5231A

Michele 'Mouse' Krasnoo is more than just another pretty face on the competition circuit. As an 8-time World Champion, 'Mouse' was on of the most talented kicking technicians to ever strut her stuff on the nighttime stage.
Michele, a 4th degreee black belt in Tang Soo Do and long-time karate instructor, was a championship staple in martial arts open tournaments for nearly 20 years. Her dynammic kicking skills helped her to more than 500 first-place finishes against the cream of the international crop.
This revolutionary DVD takes you behind the scenes and delivers the secret to 'Mouse's' incredible kicking acumen. Get in the best shape of your life and see what happens to the quality of your kicks. These kicking drills will improve your skills and give you a leg up on the competition in no time.

Approximate running time: 61 minutes