Armstrong 52-270 70mm 12 Point Satin Chrome Long Pattern Comb. Wrench USA *A

Product Description

Armstrong Industrial Hand Tools have a heritage of Made in the USA since four brothers founded the company in 1890. Armstrong brand wrenches feature precise geometry for an exacting fit and are designed to withstand the toughest conditions from our factory floors to the U.S. Military. All wrenches have a lifetime warranty to back up our commitment to industrial grade tools. Product Name : Long Length Combination, Product Name : Long Length Combination, Finish : Satin Chrome, End A Drive Type : Open End, End A Ratcheting Type : None, End A Fastener Size : 70.0, End A SAE/MET : Metric, End A Joint Type : None, End B Drive Type : 12 Point, End B Ratcheting Type : None, End B Fastener Size : 70.0, End B SAE/MET : Metric, End B Joint Type : None, Overall Length : 32.000, End A Width (A1) : 5.563, End A Thickness (A2) : 1.000, End A Offset Degrees : 15, End B Thickness (B2) : 1.500, End B Offset Degrees : 15, Weight : 20.05, Length Format : Long Pattern.
#11 Aeronca #18