Darel Ericson of the Dahanavar clan is a rarity among his vampire brethren: he's an empath, strong enough to occasionally read thought as well as emotion. For centuries, his power has given the Dahanavar a significant advantage against the machinations of the other vampire families, an advantage which makes Darel both a powerful tool and a highly visible target.

Fortunately for Darel, it is more useful for the heads of the other clans to maintain the centuries-long peace between the houses than to remove him. But, the cunning and violent head of the House of Nachterret is tired of the truce, and of hiding his presence in the world. The Nachterret would like nothing more than have free reign over the helpless human cattle upon which they feed.

Darel, and the human woman he loves, become central to the Nachterret's scheme to plunge the Houses into all out war. Darel is ultimately forced to face the question: is one young woman's life too high a price to pay for peace?


This novel, by an award-winning Russian writer, was originally published in Russia in 2005. Tor is bringing out the first English translation. It has been described as “vampires meet the Sopranos,” and the summary is apt. The vampires are divided into a number of clans, formally at peace but involved in a number of plots and deals. Darel of the Dahanaver clan is an empath, strong enough to occasionally read thoughts as well as emotions. This talent gives him influence in the family . . . and also makes him a target. The head of the House of Nachterret, an extremely gross and violent vampire, is tired of the truce. He wants to come out of hiding and rule humans directly. The plot is not original by English-language standards, and the pacing is a bit awkward. This may be due to the translation. However, the characters come through well even in translation, and the action will keep readers turning pages. The story should please those who like fantasy action as well as those who want some idea of what is being written in other languages. --Frieda Murray


Breathtaking imagery! Lena Meydan drew me into her world and held me there. Her words are spellbinding! (Sherrilyn Kenyon, New York Times bestselling author of Silent Truth)

Addictive, lyrical, peopled with vivid personalities and volatile plotting, Twilight Forever Rising is an engagingly well-written, satisfying blending of vampires, magic, and brilliant terror. Be prepared to read it in one sitting! (P.N. Elrod, author of The Vampire Files)

The plethora of vampire novels on bookstore shelves is daunting and discovering a must-read is finding the literary needle in the haystack. That's why Lena Meydan is such a treasure. Her prose is luscious: stylish, cultured, funny, tragic, and at the same time weaving an intricate, action-packed story saturated with love, death and power-struggles. Twilight Forever Rising is supernatural literature at its best, in the tradition of Bram Stoker and Mary Shelley. . . . You'll not find a better modern vampire read. (Nancy Kilpatrick, author of Power of the Blood and editor of Evolve: Vampire Stories of the New Undead)